Monday, July 5, 2010

Meals Eaten and Meals Planned

The weather has been getting rather ridiculously hot, so cooking has become less enjoyable. Well, at least cooking in the kitchen is less enjoyable. This past week gave Aaron the opportunity to prepare various grilled goodies. Here is what our weekend eating looked like.

Friday Dinner
Friday dinner is special to me and Aaron. We hope it will become special to our kids. We celebrate the start of the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat) at this meal. We have a fixed menu which seems to be reasonably successful for all of us.

Fish - this week we had baked rainbow trout with parsley, sage, rosemary, and no it did not have thyme because I was out of thyme. :P I added some black pepper though.

Green vegetable - we had our garden's first pole beans which are not quite green and not quite yellow. Aaron thinks they are yellow, but I know I planted both yellow and green. We also had kale with carmelized onions. It turns out that Caleb likes kale this year. I don't remember whether he likes this preparation of it last year.

Rice and challah - we eat brown rice, and the challah comes from Rosenfeld's Bagels usually. Sometimes we have Cheryl Ann's challah, but we all seem to like Rosenfeld's better.

Breakfast - The kids probably had instant oatmeal and/or yogurt. I *think* I made eggs for me and Aaron. Breakfasts in our house are extraordinarily repetitive and usually made to save time.

Lunch - Again struggling with my fuzzy memory, the kids likely had PB&J with some side of cucumbers and a fruit. I think this was the day I made a mighty fine tuna salad - tuna, lots of spicy mustard, some red onion, and frozen peas.

Dinner - Aaron grilled chicken from Chestnut Farms, seasoned with Montreal Chicken Spice. We also had grilled zucchini and summer squash and some fantastic focaccia from Natick's Bakery on the Common. The bread unsurprisingly got rave reviews from the kids. Caleb devoured the chicken and vetoed the summer squash. Ellie picked. After the kids went to bed, we enjoyed some homemade chocolate ice cream.

Breakfast - Aaron bought bagels from
Bakery on the Common, and we had lox, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes to add to the cream cheese. The kids had mixed reactions to all of the above. Caleb thought he would like the asiago cheese bagel (no), but in fact preferred the multigrain. Ellie thought she wanted cream cheese AND a bagel, but she probably would have preferred just the cream cheese. Both kids have loved lox in the past, but they seemed less in love with it this time.

Lunch - We spent our morning at the pond. The kids and the men ate lunch at the pond. This meant more PB&J. I also packed cucumber and carrot sticks, raspberries and blueberries. No food made it back to the house.

Dinner - Aaron prepared more yummy grillables! Chicken sausages from Trader Joe's and turkey burgers from BJ's. We also had some kale with carmelized onions (Aaron's favorite way of eating kale), and the last of our corn from the freezer. After dinner, we enjoyed making s'mores with some neighbors.

As I look over these meals, I don't think we're making anything terribly fancy or interesting. We probably give our kids entirely too much PB&J. And based on their lack of eating at the Indian restaurant today, I fear their palates may have forgotten how to eat well-spiced/seasoned foods.

Meals to Come
I mentioned in the previous post that we have to cook with beets this week. I'm sure we will have roasted beets since I know Aaron likes them, but I also know the kids are less enamored with that preparation. I'm going to do some more research on beet recipes to see if I can find something more palatable to my kids.

I also mentioned that we have much squash to consume. I fear I may have to bake enchiladas this week just to dispose of the beautiful fruits. Oven + 90 degree weather = yuck. I may do some more recipe reading to see what else the squash can do besides breads.

Surprisingly, the hardest CSA food for me to find a use for are the peas. My kids are hit or miss with them. I forget about them and they lose their yumminess then. Suggestions for snap peas are very welcome!

OK, I have cookies to bake for a class I'm taking, so I must sign off. Good eating to everyone!

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