Sunday, July 18, 2010

Belated Bean (and other garden) Update

I took forever in getting the bean pictures from my camera to computer and then to my photo sharing site. However, here is the quick update on our garden:

BEANS!! We like beans!!
We have loads and loads of pole beans. I have not been measuring our harvest in any real way, but we have not bothered buying beans from the farmers' market. According to Aaron (chief bean picker and counter - hee hee), we have harvested about 3 pounds so far. Maybe that doesn't sounds like a lot, but it's a huge improvement over last year's crop AND look at how pretty they are!

We have about 8 cucumbers ready for picking, and some are quite large - maybe up to a pound. Here's picture proof of one or two in progress.

I do not have photo evidence of these YET. Aaron counted about 55 tomatoes in varying stages of growth and/or readiness. Two fell off the vine and are ripening on our window sill. Another one is supposedly red on the vine as of this morning. Aaron also had to purchase more stakes as the plants were falling over.

Next up... a report on KALE!

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