Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meal Plan - Belated

On Thursday or Friday of last week, we made a meal plan for our dinners. Here goes:

Friday: Shabbat dinner (fish, green, rice, challah). We ended up with salmon steaks, a veritable cornucopia of vegetables (kale, grilled zucc/summer squash, corn, green beans), brown rice, and challah.

Saturday: We were invited to our neighbors' house for dinner. It was delish! Tandoori chicken, cucumber salad (must get this recipe!), and my memory fails me on the rest. I brought over a peach cobbler.

Sunday: Aaron grilled up more chicken. I made an orange cilantro quinoa saute which I liked a lot, but Aaron was not sure about. Neither kid liked it. Oh well, I will keep looking for quinoa recipes.

Monday: Fish and chips courtesy of a Weight Watchers recipe. This was REALLY good. Ketchup saved the day for the kids, but Aaron and I enjoyed it straight. I also served up a side of steamed green beans from the CSA box.

Tuesday: Pasta night. I have my cake decorating class, so we're keeping it simple. I'm not sure yet what the pasta dish will be or what we may serve with it.

Wednesday: Pizza for the kids; "special dinner" for me and Aaron. Wednesday is my weigh-in night, so Aaron and I get take-out (Thai or pizza) after the kids' bedtime. I like to have one night when I eat not healthfully and then I start fresh with my healthy eating the next day.

Thursday: This will probably be a leftover night, but I'd like to focus on vegetables too.

I hope you have a yummy week!

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