Monday, July 19, 2010

Garden Update - Good and Bad News

First the good news:
Last night we harvested our first cucumbers (4!), our first red tomato, and our volunteer squash (i.e., we didn't plan for it to be there but it worked out).

Now the bad news:
The squash bed has not worked out and we have been digging up the dead plants. I think 2 things happened - first, I think that we had all male flowers and no (or not enough) females. Supportive as I am of same-sex marriage, it doesn't work out well in a vegetable garden. :P The second thing that may have happened is a squash borer population (nasty moth larvae that eats the stems from the inside out). Grf. No pumpkins this year. In theory we could re-plant the other squash, but I'm too grumpy to re-plant. Aaron has suggested planting kale, but again my grumpiness needs to pass first. I've given him a green light to plant as he sees fit.

In additional bad news, I fear we may have tomatoes with blight. Check out the second picture of last night's small harvest.

What do you think of the tomato now? Last summer loads of people ended up with tomato blight and we totally lucked out with healthy beautiful and yummy tomatoes. The black spot has me worried. I thought blighted tomatoes looked healthy on the outside but crummy on the inside, but maybe I'm wrong and sometimes the blight is visible on the outside.

Back to the good news, aren't our cucumbers delightful? The first one on the left is enormous! The second one is ridiculously fat. The last two might be supermarket passable *smirk*. Did you know that supermarkets will reject perfectly edible produce solely based on shape of the fruit/vegetable? Our family cares less about shape and more about yumminess.

Off to figure out about our 'maters!

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  1. The tomato tasted fine!
    If I'm still alive tomorrow, I say we keep eating them.