Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garden Pictures

As promised, here are pictures from our garden. I took these this evening.

A view of the main raised bed. You can't really see the bed behind it, but I think you can spy the 2 sunflower plants next to the left bean tipi. The sunflowers are not in the raised bed. For the curious, the white house is not our house.

There are small yellow flowers on our cucumber plants. Hopefully you can see at least one in the center of the picture.

One of several tomatoes! I think it's a pretty good size and am looking forward to its ripening.

Bean flowers. I don't see loads of flowers at first glance, but I see more when I move some of the leaves.

The less successful section of the garden. The leaves with some brownish parts are supposed to be swiss chard. The leaves which look munched on (and probably are by some kind of microscopic pest) are supposed to be broccoli. Grf.
One of my rogue squash plants has produced this. This plant was NOT supposed to be in the raised bed with my carrots and pole beans. Yet it is determined to bring me fruit of the earth. I believe it will be a pumpkin. Pie... bread...

My beloved sunflower plants. I do wonder when I will see signs of an actual flower.

Yet more squash/pumpkin. There are some flowers just barely visible in this picture. Some will be zucchini; others will be summer squash. And a few will make more pumpkins. By the way, the plant which looks like some tall misplaced grass is one of the corn plants.

A better look at one of the corn plants.

I remain hopeful about the blueberries. They seem reluctant to get any bigger or turn blue.

The fruit trees are not terribly interesting from a picture perspective. They continue to produce more and bigger leaves. The strawberries seem to have run their course this year. We are planning a different protective structure for them next year to allow them more room to grow.

Next up... grilled Moroccan chicken kabobs!


  1. beautiful raised bed!!!
    Sharon (Stillman's CSA member in JP)...

  2. THANKS! Our squash plant is causing quite a bit of trouble in its location. We're not sure how it got there or even whether it IS a pumpkin!