Friday, June 4, 2010

First Fruits!

You are looking at the first four strawberries we harvested this year from our patch in OUR backyard. Conveniently, there were four ready at once - one for each of us. I think these may have been the best tasting strawberries I have had in at least a year. Aaron and I recited shehecheyanu and ha-adamah. Ellie threw a tantrum when she found out we didn't have more than one per person.

Fortunately for Ellie, I visited the strawberries again today.

Five berries today. No, it's not much, but it is one more than we had a few days ago. For the bean counters out there, Aaron is counting how many berries we get this year. We've already far surpassed our "crop" from last year.

I fibbed to the kids about today's berries, telling them that there was one for each of us. Ellie will get the extra berry when no one is looking.

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  1. Those are some damn fine looking strawberries! Mine are still tiny and yellow. Our weather is a lot less tropical than yours. Congrats on your harvest.