Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Party Goody Bags

Short post here with a simple question:

What do you do with the candy your kids get from going to birthday parties?

I try to avoid feeding my kids foods with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), and candy is not eaten daily (maybe not weekly?) here. Part of me thinks "eh, it's just one piece from a birthday party." Part of me thinks "yuck! I'm setting them up to eat junk food!" Yet another part of me thinks "This can teach them about moderation and exceptions to the rule."

After 34 years of cavity free teeth, I have to have a cavity filled this week. I found myself throwing away a few pieces of candy that Caleb brought home, probably unfairly. So I ask you for your thoughts - what would you do with food you don't want to feed your kids? Should I have left it at the party somehow?


  1. To answer your question:

    Sometimes we eat it, sometimes we don't, but we certainly would never bring it up, especially if we thought the candy-givers could hear.

  2. Jude - thanks for your thoughts! I'm delighted to know I have some readers I haven't met in person. :)