Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yes, more garden updates

Every clear day I check the garden. I count seedlings/sprouts/plants. I examine tree leaves as though I might learn something (I haven't yet). I think about whether the netting around the berry plants is adequate (unlikely but I'm hopeful).

When it rains, I look on the bright side that I don't have to water the garden. Caleb even cheerfully announces that the rain is good for all the plants. He names each one, which I find endearing. It is as though he knows each plant needs its own amount of water, sun, and nutrients to come to fruition. Maybe my crazy Hasidic story about the angels encouraging each blade of grass to grow sank in.

Anyway, today I counted bean plants, and we easily have between 20 and 25 plants, even without the one Ellie harvested. Each plant will grow into a tall vine, wrapping around a pole to form (hopefully) bean tipis/teepees. The beans we planted are appropriately named pole beans for just this reason. They produce a yellow or green bean, a la string or wax style you might have seen or even eaten. :) I'm enjoying their development.

The apple tree leaves are looking less eaten, but I don't trust it and fear for the tree. I intend to buy an organic spray called thuricide. Apparently it is some kind of bacterium which poisons the moth larvae. Fine by me. I want my tree.

The rest of the garden seems quite stable - leaves getting a bit bigger, plants looking taller, and a few more berry flowers. I can hardly wait for berries. Gardening is good for teaching me how to wait.

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