Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden Pictures

My cousin has been taking and sharing pictures of her garden on her blog. She lives in The Netherlands, and it is fun for me to see what she is doing. She writes much better than I do, and she probably is a much better gardener. That said, I figured I should put some pictures of my garden online because it makes for more enjoyable blog reading.

First, Caleb helped prepare the beds. I don't have pictures of his help with getting dirt/loam from our neighbor's truck to the wheelbarrow, but I do have proof of his help.

One of the raised beds
Flower boxes for herbs:

After preparing the beds, we planted and are now seeing the early results.

Buds on the peach tree:

Buds/leaves on apple tree:

The apple tree

Sunflower seedlings

Blueberry flowers

Strawberry flowers!
Note the netting to guard against the evil vermin known as squirrels.
Also there are more flowers than these, but I liked this pic.

Basil - it's the little green dots

A view of the yard/garden.
You can't quite make out the poles for the beans, but the brown wooden thing in the center is our large raised bed. The berries are to the right of the box, along the fence. The fruit trees are to the left, peach tree in partial shade at the time of this picture.


  1. That looks great! I'm jealous of your peach tree, your blueberries, and your yard! :)

  2. Thanks! I feel very blessed to have such a great yard.

  3. looking good!

  4. Hmm...flattery will get you everywhere!