Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Memoriam

Something destroyed my sunflower seedlings. They were healthy and green and cute as of yesterday early evening. Today I am left with 2 of the 7-8 plants.

I am cursing the garden pest who thought my garden was its buffet. Squirrel? Rabbit? I'm not sure I care.

I was upset enough to make the trip to Home Depot with Ellie and without Aaron (my trusty guide and brave companion who will talk to people when my social anxiety flares up). I approached the first knowledgeable looking staff person (a WONDERFUL guy named Jim), told him my woes and asked for garden fencing while telling him that I knew I was screwed as far as the squirrels are concerned. After all, the squirrels can scale our stucco house.

And yes Aaron (I assume you're reading this), I checked the garage for leftover fencing from last year first.

Now we have much fencing to surround our lovely raised beds and the sunflower patch AND I bought more sunflower seeds. IF Ellie entertains the idea of a nap today, I may tackle the fencing project during naptime. I'm not hopeful for that time slot and am anxiously watching the clock and the garden until Aaron returns home.

I'm sorry sunflowers for not protecting your delightful greenness.

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  1. RIP

    Maybe this will cheer you up?