Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Update

Caleb and I water the garden every day that it doesn't rain. Sometimes Aaron and Caleb water the garden. We have what I think is a nice hose, with an especially nice nozzle. The head of the nozzle has a lot of settings which can be fun. Anyway, last year, I helped Caleb much more with holding the hose while watering. This year he is getting much better with his aim. I still tell him when to move on to the next set of plants, but maybe next year he will do it on his own.

The sun and water are doing our plants a lot of good. Since my picture posting, some of our beans have sprouted. I planted six seeds around each of three poles. Aaron counted about 18 plants so far. The sunflower seedlings are getting a bit taller and stronger looking. I transplanted one from our raised bed to join its friends along the fence. Our strawberry plants are continuing to produce cute white flowers as well, so I'm excitedly anticipating fruit soon.

The fruit trees are my only real concern. And actually, I'm only concerned about the apple tree. We have a pest, or several pests, who have decided the leaves are tasty. I'm pretty sure the culprit is the winter moth larvae (aka "inchworms"). I'm not sure what to do about the little buggers yet, but I'm hoping to ask a nursery or even Home Depot this weekend. In the meantime, I've been watering the branches with the hope that I might disturb the critters' habitat a bit.

Kid bedtime is upon me, with Ellie clinging to my leg, so I must sign off here. More later!

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