Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I am SO excited! Rather than try to write well, I'm just going to share. As of noon today, we have almost 20 strawberry flowers!!

It was a bumpy morning, not too surprising since we had a bumpy night of sleep... or should I say non-sleep? Molars are evil. I want soundproof walls between my children's rooms. Anyway...

So we had this bumpy morning, complete with meltdowns over utterly ridiculous things like Ellie playing with blocks when Caleb wanted to clean up the blocks (WTF - My son wanted to clean?). After morning music class and a somewhat frustrating playground time, we returned home for lunch outside. It was in the upper 70s, maybe low 80s, at lunch time. If every day looked like this, seasonal affective disorder would never exist. ANYWAY, I finished my sandwich long before the kids were done dawdling through theirs, so I decided to take a peek at our potential garden.

The peach tree's buds are getting longer/bigger. There seems to be one small branch without leaves, but I'm not touching it for now.

The apple tree's leaves no longer look like buds, but instead look like honest to goodness leaves.

The sunflowers seem to have become seedlings. Or I have a new weed? ;)

The blueberry flowers are transforming slowly into berries (anyone else hear the song for the cartoon Transformers?).

And as mentioned, I counted almost 20 strawberry flowers!! Ellie would live on strawberries if I let her, so this is a fantastic development.

Feeling optimistic about the garden, I walked over to our side porch where I had put the flower box of basil. I was delighted and shocked to find little green "dots" in the box - the start of seedlings.

I have another flower box of dirt waiting for herb(s), but I haven't decided what I might like to grow. Thoughts? We use a lot of basil, oregano, and parsley. I've heard mixed reviews about the success of growing cilantro, and we don't use it as much (despite my loving it). I adore rosemary, but we pretty much use it only on chicken and potatoes. Maybe that's enough to justify some rosemary? Anyway, if anyone actually reads this and has a suggestion for 1-2 herbs, let me know.

Off to take some pictures!

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  1. Parsley and basil even though they're annuals - you'll have to reseed each year. Although the parsley might over winter in a protected spot. Rosemary is probably too tender for your zone, you'd have to overwinter it inside. Oregano is a perennial, so that is good. Chives are easy to grow. Cilantro is good once you find it a nice home, preferably out of the afternoon sun. Then it keeps growing and reseeding itself.