Sunday, May 16, 2010

Natick Farmers Market!

As promised, I am sharing some thoughts on the first week of our town's farmers' market. The Natick Farmers' Market is a weekly event, every Saturday from 9AM to 1PM on the town green. The number of vendors varies each week, though there are regulars as well. The market is not just a food market, in fact it used to have more non-food than food! Aaron and I go for the food, especially the produce. The kids go for the samples and for the prospect of playing in the town green ("When can I climb the gazebo?!?").

At the opening week, we saw many of our regular vendors. Scott Freitas from Freitas Farms was selling beautiful flowers, herbs, and some greenhouse squash (HUGE zucchini). We are looking forward to his vegetables in a few weeks. His produce just looks pretty and smells great. Chestnut Farms had their stand and their van full of humanely raised meats. They provide the best chicken I've had since I was a child. We are hoping to take a trip to their farm for a tour this year. I saw the fish and seafood vendors, Tangerini's (another excellent vegetable vendor), and at least 1-2 flower vendors. Several of the craft vendors were there, as were different bakery-type stands - artisan bread from Framingham, delicious quick breads from Natick, cookies, and so forth. As I write about it, it seems like there was so much and yet there was not a lot of produce since it is May.

If you're curious what we bought:
  • Rosemary bush (the very one in my flower box)
  • Zucchini for enchiladas later this week
  • Whole wheat bread
  • 4 chicken breasts (nom nom nom)
We sampled delicious dessert options and managed to resist their pull - for now. I also foresee buying more of Pam's Black Bean Salsa and her wonderful pea creation called Salstina (looks like guacamole, but less fat and just as yummy).

Besides the farmers' market, we saw a table from our local sporting goods store. The owner is the father of one of my students, so I have more than one reason for trying to support the business. We ended up walking over to the store to buy Caleb a soccer ball so he could practice.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of last year's vendors return (Natick Community Organic Farm, for example) as well as the return of the fantastic fruits and vegetables. I love that the farmers' market is part of our regular summer routine and that my kids meet people who raise and create excellent food.

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