Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Great Garden Update

With my teaching responsibilities finished for another few months, I can write more about our garden. OK, yes I have to go to one more function for the teaching job, and yes I have to plan courses for the fall (once I know what I'm teaching), but this blog is about food and that means garden for the time being.

After a busy weekend of soccer, preparing for Ellie's birthday, celebrating Ellie's birthday, and finishing my year of teaching, I took the time to water our plants tonight. Much to my delight, we have new sprouts! In our back bed of squash, pumpkin and corn, there are loads of healthy looking, completely noticeable to the blind eye sprouts. This means we will have to figure out the fence for that bed now (the bean bed is fenced and needs a "lid"), but I'd much rather have that challenge than the challenge of suburbanite squirrels.

Speaking of the foul word squirrels...

Aaron and our friend Ben evicted the squirrels from our house. Yes, they had moved into a hole in the trim along the roof of our house. We heard them scampering and doing who-knows-what dance along the roof and exterior walls. I chased them off our deck, hollering in an extraordinarily ridiculous and immature fashion. Ben emptied the hole (EW!!!!) and covered it with flashing. It doesn't match, and I don't care. Interestingly, I saw fewer squirrels in our yard this weekend even with our all-you-can-eat buffet for wildlife and vermin.

I don't have pictures of the beautiful sprouts or the potentially amazing strawberry harvest yet. However, I'm again giddy with excitement of the possibility of feeding my family from our very own yard.

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