Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why So Many Gardening Posts

So if my blog is about feeding my family (and specifically my kids) real food, why am I writing so much about my sprouting garden?

Caleb gave one answer to this question after I transplanted the lettuce plants into our flower boxes. Suddenly the kid wants to eat lettuce ALL THE TIME. We walk out the door and "Mommy, can I have some lettuce?" We come home and "Mommy, can I pick and eat some lettuce?" Plus he keeps wanting to suck on the rosemary leaves or sprigs or whatever they are officially called. How many 4 year olds ASK for lettuce? Yes, the lettuce is new to us, and novelty explains his wanting to eat it somewhat. However, I don't think he would continue asking if the lettuce didn't taste good to him.

I write about our garden because I think it is part of what helps us to eat more real food as a family. My kids buy into the idea that vegetables are a normal part of meals because they see us raise and eat vegetables and fruit. They see us get excited about the garden, the produce at the farmers' markets, and our CSA. Our excitement is apparently contagious, and they get excited with us and decide to give vegetables and fruit a try.

I imagine that most people in the United States could raise at least herbs or maybe one of those hanging tomato things that fascinate me. Give it a try and see how your kids react!


  1. That is so awesome, that Caleb likes lettuce! And I am also fascinated by those hanging tomato things! Maybe I will try one next year, seems rather late for this year...

  2. E - Why does it seem late for tomatoes? People here are just planting their seedlings!