Sunday, August 1, 2010


We just returned from a trip to New York and New Jersey, so I'm absolutely exhausted. I have the start of a few posts in my head (kale in quiche, a smoothie Caleb liked, maybe something about food on the road), but I only have energy for one post at the moment. SO...


Before we left for NY/NJ, we asked our neighbor to look in on our cat/wonder beast and to help herself to tomatoes from the garden as we didn't want them to go to waste. I was shocked to find 8 beautiful tomatoes in the garden when we arrived home this evening. The squash is a bonus. I picked it because the rest of the plant looked basically done.

When I spoke with my neighbor later in the evening, she told me she had taken 7 tomatoes while we were gone over the weekend. Aaron had given them 2 tomatoes before we left, and I know we've had a few before this week. Wow!

Tomato-cucumber salad, sauce, healthy snacks for Caleb - nom nom nom!

Ellie is more like me and has not developed a taste for raw tomatoes, but I am hopeful she will change her mind.

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