Friday, August 6, 2010

Variation on a Quiche

In a previous post, I shared this yummy recipe for Crustless Swiss Chard Quiche. Now I'd like to suggest a variation on this recipe. Replace the chard with KALE!!

Caleb already loves kale, but I had not been able to get Ellie to touch the yummy yet perhaps not so pretty vegetable. Putting it in the quiche completely worked for both kids. I was bored with sauteing it with onions and garlic (yummy but getting old), so I decided to try it in the quiche recipe. Wow, was it good!

At my CSA pickup, someone had not been sure what to do with her chard. I wonder whether she has the same thoughts about kale. If you're looking for a new thing to try with kale, try that quiche recipe. I think you'll be pretty satisfied.

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