Saturday, September 4, 2010

Farmers' Market Challenges

I have written about our local farmers' market before. We love it and go there nearly every Saturday. I went back to it today for the first time since our various trips. The weather was fantastic now that Hurricane/Tropical Storm Earl has passed. However, my trip to the market was not as idyllic as I had hoped.

For starters, I had both kids without Aaron. Aaron needed to prepare our office for painting today. This is the weekend we agreed to paint the office, otherwise it won't get done for another year. To make Aaron's job easier, I took the kids to the market. After all, we needed vegetables and fruits anyway and I missed our market.

Second challenge... since I haven't been to the market in a few weeks, I'm out of sync with the harvest. I had hoped to buy raspberries and lettuce. Aaron had asked for plums. Well, plums are out of season already. Lettuce will be picked again next week, three different farmers told me. And raspberries? Ha ha ha. I seem to remember that we went to Stillman's at the end of the CSA season and picked berries, so maybe hope remains. I also wanted broccoli, which I KNOW is in season, but somehow no one had any at their booths. :(

Even with those challenges, I bought some fine looking beans, corn, cucumbers (ours are on their way out), cherry tomatoes, peppers, and nectarines. Nectarines are named SO appropriately. The name means "nectar like," and nectar is considered food of the gods. I adore nectarines. I may have to buy more than the 8 I purchased this time. Such a fine, sweet, cool, juicy, delectable...

(dreamlike state in which nectarines dance in my head)

OK, coming back to so-called reality. Despite the challenges of not losing my children and not finding all the produce on my list, I was quite glad to return to our market. I like the ritual of it, seeing familiar faces and products each week, feeling the buzz of community, and acquiring some of my needs so close to home.

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