Thursday, September 2, 2010

Breaking News: Preschooler Eats Salad!

Tonight's dinner was leftovers. It's too blasted hot to cook, and we had some goodies to get through. On the menu:
  • Trader Joe's chicken sausages
  • Pesto tortellini
  • Salad fixin's - lettuce, cukes, tomato (maybe only for Aaron?), red pepper, olives, feta
I skipped the olives since I have yet to meet an olive that I like. Aaron ate a bit of everything. Ellie ate mostly tortellini, played with her red pepper, and chewed some chicken sausage (not sure about actual swallowing). Caleb ate everything except for the feta cheese. Yes, everything! He asked for the salad fixin's!! As he worked his way around the plate, he didn't touch the vegetables he requested. He started with chicken sausage, then we gave him tortellini while he munched a few vegetables. Before giving him more tortellini (he asks for more before swallowing his last bite), we suggested he eat a specific vegetable first (e.g., "have your red pepper, then we'll get you tortellini"). Sure, he complained a bit the first time, declaring that none of us would have tortellini. I responded by stabbing a piece of my tortellini and showing him that I would eat it. Yeah, I know I'm immature.

At the end of dinner, no vegetables remained on his plate. Aaron assessed what Caleb ate.

"Caleb ate peppers, olives, cucumbers, and lettuce."

Last I checked, that is a valid salad!

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