Sunday, February 6, 2011

Plan in Progress

Another week of planning ignored! My weight loss effort would go much better if I stuck to a plan. At WW, they say "you gotta have a plan." Having a plan is at least half the battle. Sticking to it seems to be the tough part for me.

Thursday was on plan until dinner. Aaron and I decided we had so many leftovers that new food was not in order yet. And by on plan, I actually mean that the meals followed the meal plan, not that I ate healthfully. I think I need to get rid of the cookie dough in my house. Wah. I have no will power.

Friday was on plan except for the lunch. I intended to have leftover Thursday dinner, but instead I had some other leftovers for lunch (chicken and potatoes, I think).

On Saturday, I ate some fruit before Aaron got back from skating with Caleb. We did in fact have a fantastic omelet - spinach, onions, and red peppers. It was SO good. Lunch was not tuna salad, and in fact I'm not sure what I ate. Hmm... I'm supposed to be writing down my food intake per WW. Why am I sabotaging myself after I set a goal? Grf. Saturday dinner was changed because we invited our vegetarian friends over. Aaron made a delicious vegetarian chili, and I baked bread. It was quite yummy, and it would have been a healthy dinner had I controlled how much bread and cookie I ate.

Today is Sunday. I actually made my own breakfast AND lunch this week. Instead of a fantastic sandwich, I took some of the leftover chili and an appropriate portion of bread with a Laughing Cow cheese. Breakfast was raspberry greek yogurt over some grapes and banana slices. Aaron declared tonight another leftover night.

I *think* we'll manage to stick to our dinner plan for Monday, but I'm pretty sure Tuesday will change. We'll probably bring the chili back as a pasta sauce on Wednesday.

This week's lack of follow through has been from last-minute changes of plans like inviting over vegetarian friends on a night I had hoped to make chicken and from realizing we had too much already-made food in the fridge. Perhaps we'll have better luck following through when our fridge has fewer leftovers. The scale is not in favor of ignoring the plan, nor does it approve of the cookie dough.

Maybe people read this because they think they will find answers to their own food planning issues. I guess I'm writing this post to share how my family is muddling through food some weeks too.

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