Thursday, February 10, 2011

Menu Plan from Memory

After this week's grumpy weigh-in, I decided I needed to focus on what I could control. I thought about what didn't work this week and last week. I realized that coming up with a plan was not enough. I think I come up with reasonable plans, plans which should help me lose and eventually maintain a healthy weight. I need actually to stick to the plan. I decided to commit to actually sticking with my menu plan.

Besides sticking to my own plan (and by extension to the WW method), I committed to drinking water first before soda and writing down what I eat. I am going to track, just like I did for so many of the past months. It keeps me honest and often makes me think twice about buying that bakery cookie (grf).

Realizing that only I can keep myself accountable, I'm just going to put my request out there. Anyone up for checking in with me around Sunday or Monday to see how I'm doing with sticking to this plan?

Turkey chili-mac (8 PointsPlus/serving). I have procrastinated long enough. The turkey is thawing out as I type.

The usual - fish, green vegetable, brown rice or potato (haven't decided), challah. I'll need to calculate points, but I remember that most fish I like is a bit costly, between 6 and 9 PointsPlus for about 6 oz.

Baked chicken (3 PointsPlus/serving), not sure of sides yet. I'd really like something like kale, but I doubt we'll find that at the market. If I don't do the potatoes on Friday, I will make the mustard potatoes as well. Based on the last time I made this, I'm going to make a few pieces that are less seasoned for the kids.

Anyone's guess. :) Seriously, I'm at work on Sunday and have a meeting after work, so I'm hoping Aaron will step up with something yummy.

Soup and bread. I'm not sure whether I'll make split pea or 15-bean soup. I'll need to calculate or estimate points for the 15-bean soup to see whether it fits with the rest of my food. The soups I make tend to be between 2 and 4 PointsPlus per serving, but I'm not sure how many the 15-bean soup is because I usually add chicken sausage.

I'm drawing a blank here. I know I wrote something good down last night on my food tracker, and my memory is just coming up empty. Grf. I'll update when I have my written copy in front of me.

Pasta for the kids. Pizza for me and Aaron. I'm not even discussing PointsPlus for this night. I strongly believe that letting loose once in a while, or once a week, is OK and probably a healthy choice for many people. I can't stand feeling constrained, so my "binge night" helps me. First, I don't have to think about the healthiness of the food. Second, eating crappy for a night reminds me why I prefer to eat healthier.

What's for dinner at your house this week?


  1. My "menu planning" is easier these days. Monday: in class (eat whatever someone brings; David & Emily do take-out); Tuesday: eat out in Harvard Sq after Emily's yoga class; Wednesday: this week, eat out something a little nicer and pretend it's date-night (David has class 'til 7:45, we ate at 9:30, nice dinner, but David sick); Thursday: eat out in Harvard Sq. after Emily's yoga class, Noah joins us tonight; Friday: eat out in Central Sq after services, Tibetan; Saturday: eat leftovers from all the other days! Sunday: come up with something to do with G&G
    Notice how much "cooking" I get to do lately! :-)

  2. I'll be sending you an email on Sunday. :-)

    I haven't meal planned for next week yet. I like to do that on Sunday nights, but I'm sure we'll have some variety of a Mexican dish, an Italian dish, a crock pot meal, a casserole, a soup, and probably a night when I run out of time and pull out the emergency frozen soup from our freezer.

  3. I use You have to pay a yearly subscription but it is worth it to me. Not only do I have all my favorite recipes, also my events calendar, and grocery lists. So I know what we are having and what is going on. This week, Mon - steak asiago (for Valentines day), Tues - Cajun Chicken Alfredo, Wed - crockpot meatballs for subs (our busy night), Thurs - Tortellini toss (also chicken and snap peas), Fri - fish. I plan 4-5 meals a week, we also eat from the freezer. I usually use the crockpot on busy days and we have hot sandwiches.