Monday, September 28, 2009

CSA Pickup and Menu

This week's CSA box included:

6 ears of corn
4 bell peppers
2 winter squash
a few bunches of broccoli
4 eggplants - 2 aubergine, 1 speckled, 1 round
2 bunches of kale - 1 dinosaur, 1 purple stem
1 bunch of arugula
handful of basil sprigs
2 small heads of lettuce - 1 red leaf, 1 green (probably Boston)
5 hot peppers
12 apples
6 peaches
6 pears

We split that with our neighbors but gave them the squash this week and kept the hot peppers and broccoli. Aaron almost immediately requested the cheesy eggplant casserole I made about 2 weeks ago. It makes great leftovers; the kids devour it. It feels good as the weather gets cooler. Here is a list of foods I'm hoping to make this week, based on the CSA box and food we have from the farmers' market this weekend.

Cheesy eggplant casserole
Butternut squash soup in slow-cooker
Peach cobbler (or at least filling so I can bake later)
Maybe some enchiladas
Chili (Aaron's meal to make on Saturday)

I still need to think about the rest of the box contents, but it looks like another yummy week. In sadder news, our CSA informed us that next week may be the last week of the season. Fortunately our local farmers' market continues for a few more weeks, so we'll stock up more there after the CSA ends for the season.

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