Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We need a menu here!

Shopping day came and went. I didn't have a menu for the week. The weekend came and went. I didn't make a menu for the week.

What are we going to feed the kids (and supposedly ourselves)?

Tuesday November 3
Oven chicken fingers made with panko breadcrumbs.
Sides: roasted delicata squash, applesauce

Wednesday November 4
NO IDEA - I'm out that night working. Aaron might do something with pasta or leftovers.

Thursday November 5
Aaron and I like to have pizza night after the kids go to bed. Still, what to feed the kids. I vote for pasta or even something ready to eat from Trader Joe's because it's quick and easy. Sides might include green peas or beans.

Friday November 6
Fish, green veggie, more squash, brown rice, challah. This is our traditional Friday night dinner. Last week I made our challah rather than using the very yummy store-bought. I *might* try again for a better texture and shape.

Saturday November 7
I really want something that screams fall, regardless of temperature. Soup comes to mind. Soup with yummy bread.

Sunday November 8
I teach in the morning and do teaching prep after that. Cooking dinner is hard on Sundays. I'll have to think this one over some more.

Monday November 9
Classic macaroni and cheese WITH vegetables. I think I'll use this as my starting point.

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