Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thoughts on Kid Breakfasts

As I was scrambling around this morning in the kitchen, I realized that I have a very hard time figuring out breakfasts that are quick, healthy, and enjoyed by my kids. For my own benefit, though I suppose this may help someone else, I wanted to document what I currently offer the kids for breakfast as well as what I would like to offer them.

Offered Now
Instant organic oatmeal
Cereal with or without milk
Scrambled eggs
Bagels, muffins - various toppings like peanut butter, jam, cheese
Pancakes, waffles (when Aaron cooks)
Turkey bacon/sausage (when Aaron cooks)

Would Like to Offer
Oatmeal from oats rather than from microwave. Maybe in the Crock-Pot??
Convince them that eggs with "stuff" like vegetables and cheese are good
More well-rounded muffins. How do people get protein with these?
Smoothies. I think I could incorporate (read: sneak) really healthy stuff in them.
Fruit salad

Overall, I want to move to less processed foods, more cooked from scratch foods. I also want to try to offer a breakfast with a reasonable balance of protein, vegetable and grains. I feel like their breakfasts are very grain/carb heavy, and I think they would feel more satisfied with a more well-rounded breakfast.

What do you feed your kids for breakfast?


  1. Here is our breakfast menu:

    oatmeal with berries and wheat germ/flax

    I add quinoa ground up or quinoa flour when baking for a great protein punch!

    deviled eggs
    i make little egg muffins and mairi calls them egg cupcakes, i make a couple dozen and freeze them, they are easy to heat in the toaster oven and quick.

    veggie sausage
    pumpkin pie (mine is made with honey, and M loves it every few weeks for something different)
    morning glory muffins-lots of veggies and quite healthy
    sometimes i don't even go with typical breakfast stuff. pb*j, sure. ham sandwich, no problem ;) esp if it's one of those days that no breakfast food will do.

    K also makes quinoa pancakes she loves (me, not so much LOL)

    egg mcmuffins-english muffin (whole wheat etc), egg, cheese

  2. I *knew* you would have some ideas. Do you have a morning glory muffin recipe? I'm curious to try one. And do you get things like wheat germ and flax at Weg's or do you have to make a special trip/order?