Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to the Posting

The lack of posting has so many reasons:
  • Travel out of state for a week
  • Caleb's birthday upon returning
  • Work-life-blog balance issues
Excuses aside, I'm back to the blogging with this week's meal plan - dinners only.

Thursday: lentil and black bean chili
Friday: fish, green veggie (probably broccoli), brown rice, challah
Saturday: chicken - maybe on the grill?, spice roasted butternut squash, salad
Sunday: Aaron's call since I don't get home until 3ish
Monday: Mexican brown rice casserole - hoping for better reception by the kidlets.
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: Special dinner with Aaron (i.e., PIZZA!!!)

When I have a bit more time to post (i.e., I need to pay attention to the aforementioned kidlets), I will write about Caleb's birthday party food.

Good eats!

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