Monday, December 6, 2010

Menu Pondering...

This morning Aaron asked me if I had any ideas for dinner tonight. Yeah, menu planning is not happening around here lately. :( He suggested the leftover latkes (yum yum) or turkey burgers. Since I sent latkes with Caleb for lunch today, I'm not loving the idea of more of the same for dinner. I like variety in our diets. I figure variety helps give us the nutrients and vitamins we need AND keeps us from getting bored with food. Turkey burgers feel a bit uninspired though, so I thought I should try to come up with some food for the week.

Some ingredients I have on hand:
Proteins - turkey, chicken
Fruits/Vegetables - cranberries, clementines, bananas, various root vegetables and winter squash such as butternut, broccoli?, green beans
Carbohydrates - tortillas, rice, pasta, various breads

Yes, there is more food than that in the house. :)

Some meal ideas:
  • chicken fingers breaded with seasoned panko, side dish of green vegetable
  • turkey burgers with side dish of spice-roasted butternut squash and perhaps another starch the kids prefer like potatoes
  • pumpkin-white bean soup with bread (I have much pumpkin goo)
  • Friday night will be fish and such.
Aaron still can do pasta for Wednesday night with the kids. I get back into a cooking groove without having to cook too intensely since the turkey burgers are pre-made. I would prefer to make our own, but Aaron really likes the ones we have. Hmph.

I'm going to let those ideas stew (pun intended) and check out WW for other recipe ideas.

What are you eating this week?


  1. I had this post open all day because my intention was to share with you our meal plan. However, I didn't do one. Right now my meal plan consists of "check the freezer." If I can't defrost or bake something that I froze before J was born I'm at a loss. Maybe next week I can be more helpful!

  2. At least you have the good excuse of a new baby! :)